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The LA Sessions

Released - March, 2016

Label - Ben Powell Music

Complete Video Playlist HERE

'Dig What I Mean' (The LA Sessions)
Feat. Ben Powell (violin), Carl Saunders (Trumpet), Vardan Ovsepian (Piano), Michael Valerio (bass), Peter Erskine (drums)
'Annie's Song' (The LA Sessions)
Feat. Ben Powell (violin), Lynn Harrell (Cello), George Doering (guitar), Nick Mancini (vibraphone)

New Street

(feat. GARY BURTON & JULIAN LAGE in special tribute to STEPHANE GRAPPELLI)

Released - May, 2012

Label - Ben Powell Music

Feat. Ben Powell (violin), Gary Burton (vibraphone), Julian Lage (guitar), Tadataka Unno (piano), Aaron Darrell (bass), Devin Drobka (drums)
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